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Joining Apple

I am so excited to announce that today I will be joining Apple’s Core Operating Systems team (CoreOS) to help make the Apple line of operating systems even better! I look forward to learning many new things, working with the best in the industry, and helping make what I believe to be, the best consumer OS out there.

I started out in my early youth at a “PC” and argued passional for the relatively open and customizable hardware available from PC manufacturers.  However, perhaps in the ultimate turn of events, I have gone completely to “the dark side”. Back in high school, my friends slowly converted me over to the mac… something that I was reluctant to accept at first. Now I almost exclusively use Apple hardware (with a few exceptions) and I’m going to work for the company that makes the products I have come to love, the products I used to passionately argue against.

My friends say that “the conversion is complete”… and I couldn’t agree more! Cheers!